Mojave (macOS 10.14) - What Works?

macOS 10.14 Mojave was released by Apple on September 24, 2018. As of November 15, 2018, it is supported by Brown University.

ServiceDescriptionMojave Compatibility
BannerJava applet not compatible with Chrome 45, Firefox 52, Firefox 60 ESR, and Safari 12 or later.Yes (with unsupported version of Firefox ESR)
Cisco Jabber11.5.1 launches successfully.Yes (tested with 11.5.1) accessible via browser.Yes
DFS ( to Departmental File Shares is functioning.Yes
F5 VPNConnecting via client version 7170.2018.0626.1 tested successfully.Yes
G SuiteAll Google apps are functioning.Yes
MyAccountMyAccount is functioning.Yes
MyPrintTested successfully with AirPrintYes
Print Server (PPRINT)Tested successfullyYes
RemoteAppTested successfully with Microsoft Remote Desktop 10Yes
ZoomTested successfully with version 4.1. Prompts for admin credentials when launched on retina display Mac.Yes
WiFi ( as "Other Operating System". Selecting "Mac OS X Lion & Newer" permits setup without issue.Yes
WorkdayWorkday is functioning.Yes
SoftwareDescriptionMojave Compatibility
Adobe CCThe latest version of all CC apps are compatible. Known issues with Photoshop.Yes (after updating to the latest version of Adobe CC products)
AirMediaVersion 3.1.3 launches without issueYes
Presents Transparency Consent and Control (TCC) dialog after launching Word
Yes, tested with X8
FileMaker ProVersion 16.0.5 and 17.0.2 are compatible with known issues.Yes (after upgrading to 16.05 or 17.0.2 or later)
LabVIEW2016 indicates incompatibility at installation but launches successfully.Yes (tested with 2016)
MapleMaple 2018 is compatible.Yes (tested with Maple 2018)
MathematicaMathematica 11.3 is compatible.Yes (tested with 11.3)
MATLABMatlab R2018b is compatible.Yes (tested with R2018b)
Microsoft OfficeOffice 2016 and Office 365 16.17 or later are compatible
Yes (after updating to Office 2016 16.16.2 or Office 2019/365 16.17 or later)
Printer DriversPrinter compatibility depends on vendor support.Canon, HP, and Ricoh support can be confirmed by model.
STATA SEStata 15 is compatibleYes (tested with Stata 15)
TecplotTested successfully with 360 2017R1Yes (tested with 360 2017R1)
DropboxPresents Transparency Consent and Control (TCC) dialog after launchYes (tested with version 58.4.92)
NVivoVersion 12.2 is compatible with Mojave. NVivo 11 and 12.1 require further setup instruction.Yes (tested with version 12.2)

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