Manage Your Departmental Space in Space Reservations @ Brown

If you're an approver of your own departmental space, you can manage requests for that space in the new space management tool Space Reservations at Brown. 

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your Brown username and password
  3. When you first log in, you're taken to the My Reservations page. This page shows you a list of the requests you've placed as well as requests from other members of the Brown community for use of your departmental space.
  4. Trom here you can view the status of your own requests or you can approve or deny requests from others.
  5. Reservations are placed in one of five categories. 
    1. Reservations awaiting approval - your outstanding requests for other University space not your own
    2. Confirmed reservations - reservations of yours that have been confirmed both in your space and other spaces
    3. Canceled reservations - reservations of yours that you have cancelled
    4. Reservations that require my approval - requests by faculty and staff to book your departmental space
    5. Denied reservations - reservations you've entered which have been denied by another approver
  6. To view a list of the reservations in a category, click the arrows to the right to expand or collapse that category. The site will remember your preferences for viewing this page, so if you prefer to close all of the categories using the arrows then log out, the next time you log in all of the categories will be closed or collapsed. This might make it easier to scroll down to your approvals if the other categories have a lot of reservations in them.

    For each category, you'll see a count of how many requests are in that category.
  7. To process your requests, expand a category using the arrows this will bring up a list of the reservations in that category.
  8. If you click show details, you'll see additional reservation details including the requester, approver, recurring status, and so on. 
  9. After reviewing the request, simply click approve or deny.
  10. The requester will automatically receive an email notifying them of their approval or denial - you do not need to manually create an email to them. However, if you have questions or comments for someone hoping to use your space, you will need to email them outside of this reservation system.
  11. Once approved or denied, the reservation will disappear from your list. Only reservations you have personally entered will remain in your list. Reservations you've approved or denied will drop off your list and will appear on the list of the requester.
  12. You will receive email notifications about requests that you've made or to let you know that you have requests that need to be reviewed.
  13. By clicking the gear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and clicking on preferences you can change your preferences to receive a daily digest email rather than one email per request.


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