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About Locations

Many campus locations have been pre-loaded into the calendar, but you should check here to make sure all your event locations are here. If your locations are not here, then add them.A location consists of: Address, Subaddress, Location's URL

Address: This is the term by which the location is colloqually known; it should include a building name. Subaddress is usually a postal address (it is not necessary to include Providence, RI, although a lot of entries contain it). URL is the location as mapped to the Facilities maps on


Address: Benevolent Street 093
Subaddress: 93 Benevolent Street

Address: Courtyard, Upper Keeney
Subaddress: 17 Benevolent Street

Address: Graduate Center C
Subaddress: 42 Charlesfield Street

Address: John Carter Brown Library
Subaddress: 94 George Street

Address: Metcalf Chemistry Lab
Subaddress: 190-194 Thayer Street

About the Facilities Maps

It's not obvious how to get the Facilities URL's, but there is a logic to it. The URL always starts with the same beginning, followed by ?query=SOMETHING. The SOMETHING is the same as doing a search in the search box on the page. So ?query=JCBLIBRARY is the same as typing JCBLIBRARY in the search box on the maps page.

Getting unique results on the Maps page

A "good" URL will deliver one result from the search; a poor URL will deliver multiple results. See the difference in the URL's below      delivers several results (poor)      delivers one result (good)

Test around with different searches to see if you can get a unique result, then use it in your location URL.

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