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Manage Attachments

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How do I upload a PDF or other document to my site?

Your file can be attached to a page or news story.

How do I delete an attachment?

  • Navigate to the page/news story where the document appears. You can do this through the normal site navigation, or you can find it in the content list which is available from the Admin Menu through Content Management/Content.
  • Click on the edit tab to open the editing interface.
  • Near the bottom, click on "Related Files."
  • Your document should be listed here, as well as an option to remove it.
  • Delete the file.
  • Save the page you were editing.

How do I replace an attachment with a new version?

The easiest way to replace a document is to upload the new one to the same page and delete the old one through the process highlighted above. However, the url of the document will have changed. If your page/news item links to the document anywhere within its content, the links will need to be updated with the new url.

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