Manage a Course in EvaluationKIT

In EvaluationKIT, instructors and administrators have the ability to manage their own courses and make key decisions on how the surveys will be implemented.

To Manage a Course:

1. Log in to EvaluationKIT

2. From the home page, click on Manage Courses 

3.  Use the Search Projects field to find a project, or find a project from the list that appears on the Manage Courses page.   Once you have located the desired project, click the View icon

Instructors are encouraged to check the enrollment of their courses within EvaluationKIT.  If an instructor recognizes an error in user enrollment, department managers with administrator access to open projects  can manage users in EvaluationKIT.  

To Unenroll an Instructor or TA (Instructor & Administrator Roles):

  • Click on the number associated with the user group (e.g., instructor; TA) and a pop-up window  with the list of users within that group will appear  
  • Select the checkbox next to the user's name and click Unenroll  Selected Users
  • Click Close

To Enroll an Instructor or TA (Administrator Roles Only): 

  • If not already known, look up the individual’s Brown username at If you encounter any problems finding someone’s username, please email

  • Follow the above instructions “To Manage a Course”  and find the correct course section.

  • For that course, click on the + icon under Enrollments

  • Select the proper role of the user under Enroll TAs

  • Enter the “” as the EvaluationKit username. For example, Professor Josiah Carberry’s username is jcarberr. Josiah’s username would be entered in EvaluationKIT as While this might look like Josiah’s email (, it is not the same.

  • Enter the user's First Name, Last Name and official Brown Email in the proper fields

For technical assistance with EvaluationKIT, email
For non-technical questions or a consultation, please email

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