Loaner Laptops

The Service Center provides laptops, both PC and Mac, for personal use.   To find out about loaning one, visit this website for our loaner policy.

Log in with your Brown username and password. Please note that the first time you log in you will need to be on campus so the laptop can connect to the Brown network. Doing this will give you access to your home network folder. After the first login, the laptop can be connected to any network.

Users are able to download and save anything on the computer.  NOTE: If you'd like to download iMovie or other Apple essential software, you will need to log in to the App Store with your own Apple ID.  When the computer is returned, everything from the computer will be erased before being rented to the next user. Be sure to save any documents that need to be retained either on Google Drive, which has unlimited storage for Brown students, an external hard drive, or a flash drive.

The laptops are first come, first serve.


Macbook Air 11 inch

Dell Latitude 3560

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