Learn About Online Movies (OCRA)

Full length feature movies can be made available online for students and faculty in a given class through E-reserves (OCRA). Faculty may request that Library, Departmental or personal copies of movies be digitized. Online playback is password-protected and limited to each class for the duration of one semester. Class members can access the movies via Canvas, by means of the Online Movies left navigation item. If a course is not using Canvas, students can access movies at:



by clicking on "Student Login" and using the class password given by their faculty.

Technical Requirements and Instructions

a. Use of the Online Movies player

You can access the player and its playlist straight from Canvas, by clicking on Online Movies.


1. How do I view Online Movies?

This service plays on all desktop and laptop computers (PC, MAC, Linux) and on mobile devices.

2. How do I enable closed captioning?

- When available, closed captioning gets enabled by selecting the small ‘CC’ button at the bottom right of the player window. 


- Closed Captions work on all desktop computers (MAC, PC, Linux) and on most mobile devices. 

N.B. Closed-captioning is at the moment available sparingly with this service.

b. Ensure Online Movie playback

In order to access Online Movies, your computer must meet the following requirements. This applies whether you are accessing Online Movies through Canvas or through the Library Reserves site.

  • Network Connection: Online Movies are available on the campus network, using Brown wireless (not Brown-Guest!), Ethernet, or from a computing lab. You may watch movies from off campus, provided the connection is stable.  ( No VPN is needed :)
  • Preferred browsers on a Mac: Use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • Preferred browsers on a PC: Use Windows 10 or earlier with Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Where can I get help?

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