Learn about Online Course Reserves Access (OCRA)

Online Course Reserves Access (OCRA) is a service used to place books and other physical media on reserve at a Library location in addition to creating electronic reserves: links to e-books and other online content, digitization of articles, book chapters, full-length movies, short video clips, and audio files.

Instructors supply the citation information and/or the material to digitize, and Library and Academic Technology staff work together to do the rest. Instructors should remember to request a Canvas course website using courses.brown.edu and then activate the E-Reserves button in Canvas.

Benefits of using OCRA

  • Faculty and students gain access to material that complies with Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines as outlined by the University.
  • Faculty and students gain access to full-length films for streaming online for the duration of an academic semester. 
  • Library and Academic Technology staff work together to digitize content (i.e. scanning book chapters, digitizing films for streaming, etc.) and make the content available using Copyright guidelines.
  • OCRA requests can be reactivated and edited each semester.
  • OCRA and Online Movies can be linked directly to a Canvas course.

Getting Started

Faculty should request and reactivate course lists at library.brown.edu/reserves. It may take up to 2 weeks to process requests for scanned materials and online films.

Faculty should add non-registered users to Canvas as a TA or Designer to gain access to the course E-Reserves and Online Movies.

Information for Students

What should students know about using this service?

Access to OCRA

Students can log in to library.brown.edu/reserves OR Canvas to access the list of reserves. If logging in through the Library website, the students will need to know the password set by the instructor.

More Information


Where do I request online reserves?

Where do I access my course's online reserves?

Where can I get help?

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