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Course blogs allow instructors and students to quickly and easily communicate on the web through the online publishing of text, images, audio, and video. Course blogs are administered through BrownBlogs and run on the Wordpress blogging platform.  The platform has been customized to connect with Brown's authentication, to use Brown's groups infrastructure, and to contain a theme based on the Brown website design.  Additionally, many of the most popular WordPress plugins and themes are installed for easy customization.


A course blog allows instructors to:

  • Post videos, images, audio, and text for students to view online
  • Enable student contributions to the course blog
  • Promotes community dialogue via commenting tools
  • Link to web resources and embed online content
  • Share content with public audiences

Getting Started

Faculty can request a course blog using courses.brown.edu. Learn more about requesting course blogs.

By default, instructors are blog administrators and students are enrolled as blog authors. Read more about blog permissions and roles.

To learn more about customizing themes and course blogs, contact Digital Learning & Design.

Information for Students

What should students know about using this service?

Accessing a course blog

Students should log into https://blogs.brown.edu/wp-admin/ to see a list of their course blogs.

Where to log in?

You can log in to your course blog by visiting http://blogs.brown.edu/wp-admin.

Adding users to a blog

Add contributors to a course blog using the “EPPN format.” At Brown, the EPPN the format is username@brown.edu. For example, Josiah Carberry’s EPPN is jcarberr@brown.edu. If you add a user with just the username and not the EPPN, the user will not be able to access your blog.

To actually add the user, log in to your blog’s dashboard, click on the lower left Users menu and add the EPPN and email address of the user.


Where do I request this service?

Where can I go to learn more about this service?

Who should I contact if I need support?

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