IT Service Center Loaner Equipment

The IT Service Center has a variety of equipment available to the Brown community to borrow at no cost. Visit this page to learn how to rent our equipment and view our rental policies.Here is a list of articles pertaining to our most popular items: 

Camcorders -,


Microphones -


Zoom H4n audio recorders -

Zoom H1n audio recorders -

Webcams -

Projectors -

Screens -


Integrative Presenter -

Laptops (Mac and PC) Laptops are also available for loan from the ITSC. Information on our laptops can be found here

Macbook Power Adapter

We also have dongles, polycoms, iClickers, and HDMI cords available. Our office also houses equipment on behalf of the Multimedia Lab, to be used by the permission of a professor for class-related uses.

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