Install a Non-Domain Department Printer in Windows Vista

If you currently print using a Novell print queue in your department and your computer is NOT in the Active Directory Domain, the instructions below will permit you to establish a connection to your printer.

  1. Locate your printer name by pointing your web browser to 
  2. Locate and click on your printer name from the list of available printers.   
  3. Click on the 'Properties' link located in the "View" section in the left navigation bar of your browser window.
  4. Now select the entire "Network Name" located in the Network Name field in the right section of your browser window. Copy the network name to the clipboard (by right-clicking on the URL you just selected and choosing "Copy" from the quick menu). 
  5. Open the printing settings in your Control Panel (Start..Control Panel..Printers (using Classic View)). Click on "Add a Printer" (just below the address bar).
  6.  Select 'Add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer'.
  7. Once the search is complete, select 'The printer that I want isn't listed' and paste the 'Network Name' from Step #4 into the 'Select a shared printer by name' field. Click Next.(Installing the printer might take several minutes.)  
  8. Select the printer manufacturer from the manufacturer list on the left, and select your printer from the printer list on the right. Click OK. 
  9. Confirm that you have select the correct printer and click Next.
  10. Click 'Finish'.

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