How to Clear the TPM

Clearing the TPM:

To clear the TPM in the BIOS follow these steps below:


  1. Boot computer using F2 into the BIOS setup mode

  2. Locate the “Security” option on the left and expand

  3. Locate the “TPM” option nested under the “Security” setting

  4. To clear the TPM you must check the box saying:  “Clear” to clear the TPM hard drive security encryption

  5. You must reboot and re-enter the BIOS using F2 and "Activate the TPM"
  6. Ensure the “Activate” radio button is turned on in order to ensure the TPM option works

  7. If the TPM is ‘Deactivated’, or the TPM Security is not enabled the drive will not encrypt until those settings are made

  8. TPM changes sometimes need to be verified by restarting after they are applied


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