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Get Started with PAWPrints

PAWPrints is Brown's student printing service.

  • You can print to release stations in locations across campus.

  • Printing for the first time? You can log in at a print release station before printing (located near all printers) or email to set up your account (email can be blank) and click a confirmation link you'll receive in email to continue. Note that for summer students, the email method doesn't work.

  • There's a small cost associated with each page you print. It's taken out of your BearBucks account when you release a print job. You receive a $30 credit at the beginning of each academic year; you can add additional money in person at a ValuePort machine or online at Summer students must purchase a guest card from the ValuePort machine and can't add money to their Brown IDs.

  • You can print in four ways:
  • After you print, log in to the release station and then swipe your card SLOWLY and firmly. Remember: type, then swipe! 

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