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Enter Grades into Canvas Grades

For the full Canvas guide regarding grades, visit this page.


Video Instructions


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Entering Grades

For assignments graded outside of Canvas, you can enter students’ scores in the Grades tool to make them available to your students.

  1. Log in to Canvas at
  2. Select your course in the Global Navigation menu on the left.
  3. Select Grades in the Course Navigation menu.
  4. If a grade has not been entered for a student’s submission, a dash will appear in the box for that student’s submission. Click the box to enter a grade. The student’s grade in the corresponding assignment group and their total grade will adjust automatically.
  5. To leave a comment, move your cursor over a grade and click the Comment icon that appears in the upper right corner of the box. Enter a comment in the Add a comment box, then click Post Comment.
  6. If you want to edit a score that has already been entered, click the number in the box and enter a new score in the Grade box that appears.


Setting a default grade

If many students have earned the same grade on an assignment, you can enter a default grade for students.  

  1. Move your cursor over the assignment title, then click the arrow that appears in the lower right corner of the box.
  2. Click Set Default Grade. Enter the grade value, then click Set Default Grade
  3. Edit grades for students who earned a different score.

Enter grades in a grade sheet outside of Canvas

  1. Click Export to the upper right of the grade sheet to download the grade sheet in .csv format.
  2. Enter scores outside of Canvas. Do not change any other data in this spreadsheet or the file may not correctly re-upload to Canvas. 
  3. Save changes in the speadsheet.
  4. Return to the Canvas Grades tool and click Import in the upper right to upload.

Click here to learn how to grade assessments submitted through Canvas.

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