Enable Two-Step Verification for your Brown Account

Are you new to Two-Step Verification? We recommend reading About Two-Step Verification.

For Most Faculty, Staff, Students (those required to use Two-Step)

Most members of the Brown community are already required to use Two-Step Verification. If you are a new faculty, staff, or student, you will be auto-enrolled and prompted to set up Two-Step the first time you access your account. See this article for instructions: Set Up Two-Step Verification If Auto-Enrollment Occurs

For Others (including Sponsored ID / Guest accounts, Faculty not paid by Brown)

If you are not required to use Two-Step but are eligible to use it, or if you are returning from a sabbatical or study abroad, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Go to https://myaccount.brown.edu/profile/twostep and log in
    (if typing the address instead of clicking the link, make sure to include the "s" in httpS)
  2. Check the Enable box and save
  3. Add at least one phone or device to your account, following the instructions in the article Add Phones and Devices for Two-Step Verification in MyAccount or in the PDF below.

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