Edit and Publish Personal Capture for Mac

Once you've recorded your capture, you're ready to edit and publish your personal capture.

You can access your recordings from the main screen by clicking "My Recordings" and selecting View/Edit or Publish as an option. You will also be brought to the edit screen after you stop a successful capture.


Edit Your Capture

You can only change the IN (beginning) and OUT (end) points of your capture, and trimming some unnecessary portions. 

  • Click and Drag the IN and OUT icons to trim the beginning and end. 
  • Click and Drag the Trim IN and Trim OUT icons to save only a segment of your capture. Click on the scissors to cut that segment.sites/brown.edu.information-technology.knowledge-base/files/trims.jpg
  • Click "Apply Edits" to save the finished 

(Note: Once you click on "Apply Edits", you cannot undo the edits. Portions you trim from the beginning, end, or middle will save as your final draft.)


Publish Your Capture

(**Note: If you are publishing from off campus you will need to make sure you are logged into the Brown VPN)

1. Select the capture you'd like to publish from the "My Recordings" menu. 

2. Click the "Publish Recording" button. A window will appear. Enter your Brown login credentials. Be sure to include the @brown.edu at the end of your Username short ID.

(Note: If you encounter an error saying that there is “no course associated with <your name>,” please contact the Help Desk at help@brown.edu. This means courses have not been associated to your account and needs to be updated.)

3. Select your course and press Next.

4. Select the Production Group (“good default” and “better video” are commonly recommended) and press Nextproduct groupThe "Display/Video (Podcast/Vodcast/EchoPlayer). Optimized for quality/full motion video (better video)" option is recommended.

5. Select “Create new Echo” option. Choose "Replace existing Echo" if you are replacing a faulty capture.

6. Set a “presentation date” for your echo. This will serve as the “published date” for the student viewers.

7. Enter a title, then select "Publish"**
publish status

**If publishing from off campus or not on the Brown network you may need to log in to vpn.brown.edu before starting the publishing process.

(Note: Before closing Echo360 Personal Capture or shutting down the computer, wait for the upload to finish. You can view the progress bar under My Recordings as your capture uploads, when finished it changes to “Published”).

After the capture has finished publishing, the Echo360 system will send you an email with links to the new Echo and to the EchoCenter to the predetermined recipient(s).
If you are a Canvas user, the new Echo will show up under the EchoCenter available as a left navigation item.


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