Display Events on a Departmental Web Page - Overview

If you have a departmental calendar, you can have the events from this calendar imprt into an external web page (for example, your departmental web page).

Non-technical web publishers:

If you are a non-technical web publisher (for example, a user of Adobe Contribute), you can send a request to PAUR. PAUR will copy the calendar code to your web page. Send the request to: calendar@brown.edu.

PAUR only supports a basic, standard display of the calendar in your web page, with a few basic styling customizations. If you would like a more customized appearance of your web calendar, contact Web Services at WebServices@brown.edu

Technical web publishers:

If you are a technically skilled web publisher, you can embed a calendar using PHP.

To get an idea of what an embedded calendar looks like in a department page, and to see a demonstration of the scripts in this documentation, view an example page. In addition to the list view, a javascript solution is in development that allows you transform the list view into a grid-like calendar view.

To get started, lease follow the instructions in the following articles:

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