Difference Between A Page And A News Item


Pages are useful for long-form content, especially content that stays "static" over time (i.e., is relatively permanent and does receive frequent updates). Common uses of a page include an "About" section, a product description, or directions to a location.

News Item

Like blog posts, news items are meant to show new information. News items are useful for giving service or event updates, reminding visitors about upcoming deadlines or projects, or releasing reports. Like a page, a news item is an incredibly flexible tool.

News Items have a few features:

  • They are Search Engine Optimized as date-specific stories.
  • They have a list view - at site URL /news/ that automatically lists the 10 most recent articles and links to the news item (story).
  • There is a menu item for news that links to the list view.

If there is not enough information for a news section on your BrownSite, you can unpublish any news items and disable the News menu item to hide the news feature.

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