Delete or Unpublish a Page or News Item

WebServices advises you to unpublish content rather than delete it. Once it's deleted it can never be retrieved again. If it's just unpublished, it can still be retrieved. In order to unpublish or delete, you must first get to the editing page of the item your want to unpublish or delete. You have a few ways of getting there.

  1. If the content you wish to remove is published and ‘live’ on your site, then you can simply use your site’s navigation to get to the page. Once there, clicking the Edit tab will bring you to the edit screen.
  2. If the content you want to remove is unpublished, you must access it via the content list. You can access the content list from the Admin Menu through Content Management/Content. The list will provide you a direct link to edit the content.

Once you reach the editing page, look to the bottom of the page.

To unpublish content (recommended):

In the list of tools and preferences, select "Content Publish." Select the "Draft" radio button and save. The content will no longer be viewable to the public, but Administrators will still see it in the site navigation.

To delete content (not recommended):

Next to the "Save" and "Preview" buttons, there should be a "Delete" button. Click this button. You will be asked to confirm your decision. Click "Delete" again, and your page will be deleted. The deleted page will never be recoverable.

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