Delegate Access to MyPrint

If another staff member completes tasks like printing on your behalf, you can delegate access to pick up your prints. To do this: 

  1. Visit to start your ticket.
  2. Mention that you are looking to delegate printing to another person.
  3. Specify the email address or username of the person who should have access to release print jobs on your behalf.
  4. The IT Service Center will process your request and you will receive an email when it is complete.

Information for the person delegating MyPrint access: If you delegate access to MyPrint, your delegate will be able to print and retrieve any unprinted document you've released to the printer in the last 24 hours. We recommend choosing descriptive filenames so it's easy for them to choose which document to print.

Information for the delegate: After delegation has been granted, when you swipe into a printer, you will see both documents you sent to the printer as well as those sent by the person for whom you can release print jobs. This only goes one way: unless specifically requested, they will not be able to print your print jobs.

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