Customize Your Course Feedback Questions

A course feedback form is automatically created for every course and includes Brown's standard questions

Before students are asked to provide course feedback, instructors, chairs, and department managers will be able to add up to 10 custom questions, including:

  • questions you've created yourself
  • questions from a bank of suggested optional questions created by Brown 

Chairs who want to add a set of custom questions to every course in their department should reach out to

Types of Custom Questions

  • Single Selection Question: Single Selection Question type is where the student will pick from one of many options. This works best for yes/no and likert-type scale questions and can be formatted both vertically and horizontally.
    • If using a likert-type scale, Brown uses the following:
      1 - Agree Strongly
      2 - Agree
      3 - Neither Agree nor Disagree
      4 - Disagree
      5 - Disagree, Strongly
  • Multiple Selection Question: Multiple Selection Question type allows the student to check all that apply and is only appropriate when asking the student to select multiple or potentially multiple responses from multiple options.
  • Matrix Question: Matrix Question type has a common response scale and multiple items being evaluated on the same response scale. Here, the student would go through and respond to the different items from one response scale.
  • Numeric Selection Question: Numeric Selection Question type allows you to setup numeric ranges using a slider and the student can then input a numeric selection based on that range.
  • Open-Ended Text Response Question: Open-Ended Text Response Question Type is for write-in responses and/or comments.
  • Survey Label: The Survey Label is text that you can add anywhere in the body of your survey to organize, write instructional text or add a thank you message at the end. You can insert these survey labels anywhere throughout your survey to add these text breaks.

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