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Create a Table using the Canvas Text Editor

Video Instructions


Text Instructions

  1. Click the Table icon in the toolbar.
  2. Move your cursor over Insert table to open the table creator. Drag your cursor over the grid and click to specify the dimensions of the table you’d like to add.
  3. Click Insert.

Edit Table Properties

  1. Click anywhere in the table. 
  2. Click the Table icon in the menu bar, then click Table Properties.
  3. Edit the general properties of the table by typing in the appropriate fields.
  4. Width: The width of your table (in pixels or percent, e.g. 500px, 50%). 
    Height: The height of your table (in pixels or percent, e.g. 500px, 50%). 
    Cell Spacing: The space between individual cells as well as cells and table borders (in pixels, e.g. 3px).
    Cell Padding: The space between the cell border and its content (in pixels, e.g. 5px).
    Border: The thickness of your table border (in pixels, e.g. 5px).
    Caption: The table label that is displayed on top of the table.
    Alignment: The location of your table on the page (e.g. Center, Left, or Right aligned).
    Note: The table width and height may be adjusted manually by clicking and dragging the adjustment handles around the perimeter of the table. 
  5. Click Ok to apply edits. 

Note: Similar options are available for editing Cell properties. The Table menu also has options to insert or delete rows or columns in the respective Row and Column menus.

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