Course Feedback Department Administrator FAQs

How do we review the courses to make sure correct information is imported into EvaluationKit?  

For detailed instructions, watch the Video: Manage Courses - Administrators & Instructors from the EK Help Center. Please note, some options may not have been made available to Brown administrators. You must login to EvaluationKit in order to access this resource. Sign in at with your Brown credentials and then click on the “?” in the upper right hand corner of your screen, next to your name and select ‘Help Center’. The Help Center will open in a new browser tab. You will be presented with resources tailored to your role in EvaluationKit.

What do we do if the course feedback period opens and an incorrect instructor is assigned to the course? Or student enrollment information is incorrect?

Administrators will have access to manage courses - which includes adding and deleting instructors, students and TAs - for at least 2 weeks prior to a feedback period starting. Once the feedback period opens to students, instructors and enrollment cannot be changed. 

How can a department set up a custom question survey to use in all or some courses?

The custom question survey should be created by someone using an “Administrator” role in EvaluationKit. This role is typically assigned to department managers and chairs.

Custom question surveys should be kept to a minimal number of questions, avoid open-ended questions as much as possible, and provide a transitional explanation for students to connect the main survey with the custom question survey.

Faculty members are responsible for identifying questions from the optional item banks or writing their own. Staff members with an “Administrator” role can enter questions and attach surveys to specific courses or all departmental courses each term.

EvaluationKit offers videos and articles in the Help Center. We recommend the  brief and detailed video, “Custom Questions for Administrators & Instructors.” The search window is a quick way to access this resource.

How can I assemble reports for my chair?  

Your chair will have direct access to reports through the EvaluationKit dashboard.  On the dashboard,  there will be a Project Results widget. Selecting the project by double-clicking will allow them to access reports by their department (hierarchy level); course or instructor. Selecting a report will initiate download of a PDF or .csv file.  Your chair will receive an email notifying them that these reports are available. This email will contain a personalized login to take them directly to the dashboard. 

You can take these steps on your chair’s behalf as department manager and chairs both have the same type of access. 

For more information on reports view the following in the EK Help Center

  • Administrator: Standard Reports Overview
  • Administrator: Report Builder 2.0
  • Administrator: Report Builder - Report Sharing

How do I give a member of my department access to the platform? Are there different types of access? Do I need to request access for instructors?

Create an IT Ticket with the Service Center. Select “Access Request” under “Request Type” and then “Application List”. Select “Course Feedback Summer 2019 and later” to request access to EvaluationKit. This request will require approval of your department chair. 

There are two types of access: Report Administrator and Department Administrator. 

Department Administrator - this role is typically given to academic department chairs and managers. It includes the following rights:

  • Download and view standard course feedback reports
  • Create custom reports based on responses to the standard feedback form
  • Access to author and add custom question surveys for their specific areas or courses 
  • Add/Remove/Change instructors and TAs for department courses
  • Change the start date for a feedback form
  • View of how many instructors have added custom questions
  • View how many students have completed department course feedback forms

Report Administrator - allows a person access to reporting for Instructors and courses within their specific area(s), school(s), department(s).   You must also indicate the department or school to which they should have access.

You do not have to request access for instructors. They automatically have access if they are assigned as the instructor of a course that is being evaluated in the feedback term. 

How can I combine the results from the old and new system for TPAC Review?

For TPAC reviews, departments will continue to generate the “TPAC Tabular Summary of Teaching” via Cognos. This system will combine results from the old system with those from the new.

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