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Choose a Service for Video and Web Conferencing

Whether it's a meeting, office hours, or an interview, video conferencing can help you connect without the travel costs. Several options are available at Brown.

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More info: Zoom Web Conferencing

Description:Web-based conferencing software

  • Great if you want to:
    • Lead a more formal presentation session
    • Allow attendees to connect without having to create accounts or do a complicated installation
    • Do extensive, detailed, full-screen screen sharing
    • Record your session


More info: Google Hangouts
Description: Web-based video chat with up to 15 people, including extra features

  • Great if you want to:
    • Meet with up to 15 people who have Gmail accounts (Brown,, or other Google Apps domains)
    • Collaborate on Google Docs
    • Do basic screen sharing (not full screen)
    • Have meetings that are either scheduled (in a calendar event) or spontaneous
    • Have an informal and collaborative meeting
  • Not a great option if you need to:
    • Meet with people who do not have Google accounts (you could call their phones, but not video chat)
    • Do extensive, detailed screen sharing
    • Connect with people who do not have Google accounts
    • Interact with several people in the same room, unless they all call in from one computer.

Polycom/Tandberg Video Conferencing

More info: Polycom/Tandberg Video Conferencing

  • Great if you want to:
    • Meet with a group of people in a room with Polycom / Tandberg video conferencing equipment (list of rooms)
    • Take advantage of a higher resolution video broadcast, such as for a lab demonstration
  • Not a good option if you need to:
    • Get participants up and running quickly remotely or with loaner computers - it’s a software that needs to be installed

Need More Help Deciding?

  • Contact us for consultation about video conferencing, demonstrations, and basic training.

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