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The main menu is used on many sites to show the major sections of the site in a top navigation bar. In BrownSites 2.0, the main navigation menu is located on each page and article item in a column on the left side. You need to be logged in to make changes to your site navigation menu.

Editing Your Main Menu

There are two ways to access your site navigation once you are logged in:

  1. The first is the ‘Structure’ button located at the top left of the browser window.

    Clicking on this button will bring up the ‘Menus’ link, which will allow you to edit existing menus on your site.
  2. Selecting ‘Menus’ will bring up a list of all the menus that currently exist on your site. Find the bar that says ‘Navigation,’ and select ‘list links.’ If you want to directly add a link to the navigation pane with the ‘add link’ button, please see “Adding menu links” below.
  3. The second method of getting to this page is simply to hover your cursor over the actual site navigation menu. A light-grey cog will appear at the top right corner of the site navigation.

    Clicking on the gear symbol will give you a drop-down menu with ‘List Links’ and ‘Edit Menu’ options. Selecting the ‘List Links’ option will take you to the list of links specifically for the navigation menu. Your other option, however, is to go directly to the ‘Edit Menu’ by selecting the ‘Edit Menu’ option in the gear's drop down menu.

Site Menu 'List Links' Page


The ‘List Links’ tab shows a list of the content that is in your main navigation. You can see the hierarchy of pages and sub-pages, whether or not a page is enabled, and the edit and delete operations.

Another feature of the ‘List Links’ tab is the ‘drag to re-order’ tool. 

This tool allows you to change the position of your menu items using the visual hierarchy of the list view. To re-order menu items, select and drag the crosshair symbol. If you drag an item to the right, it will appear indented and become a child (sub-page) of the menu item above it.

 Be sure to “Save Configuration” after re-ordering menu items. The changes you make will not be saved if you do not save the configuration.

Editing a Menu Link

You can edit links in your main menu by selecting the "edit" button in the Operations column.

Now you should be on the 'Edit menu link' pane. From here, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Menu Link Title - This is the text that will be used for this item link in the navigation menu. The name of the link should match the name of the page or article it links to. For example, when you click on “Admissions” you should get to a page named “Admissions,” not “Getting In” or “Forms & Applications.”
  • Path - This is the path for the menu link. Enter ‘’ to link to the front page. In almost all cases, this is something that will function automatically and does not need to be changed.
  • Description - This setting is optional. Text placed in the ‘Description’ box will be shown when hovering over the menu link.
  • Enabled vs. Disabled - Unchecking "Enabled" for a menu item will hide that menu item from view--the item will no longer appear in the main menu. Disabling a menu item is preferable to deleting the item if you might want to use that menu item in the future.
  • Permanently Expand Menu Items - To permanently expand a menu item (i.e., to always display its child items), check the ‘Show as expanded’ box.
  • Menu Item Weight - This setting is optional. In the menu, the heavier links will sink and the lighter links will be positioned nearer the top.
  • Save and Delete buttons - After changing any of the menu link settings, you must click the "Save" bottom at the bottom of the page to save your work. If you no longer want the link to be available in the main menu of your site, click the "Delete" button. Note that this only deletes the link to the item from the menu, not the page or article that it links to. 

Adding menu links

There are two ways to add links to your main menu:

  1. A link to a page or article item can be added to the main menu of your site's navigation in the menu settings for that particular item. 
  2. A link can be added to the main menu by selecting the ‘Structure' button > ‘Menu’ > ‘Navigation,’ then selecting the ‘add link' button near the top of the 'List Links' tab.
  3. Click on the cog in the navigation menu, open ‘List Links,’ and click on ‘add link.’
  4. Add a link from the ‘List Links’ pane.

Deleting menu links

You may delete individual menu items by clicking on the individual "delete" links under ‘Operations’ or by clicking ‘Delete’ once you are editing an individual item. Note that this only deletes the link to the item from the menu, not the page or article that it links to.

Site Menu 'Edit Menu' Page

Here you can edit the menu’s name. The menu name is a unique name to construct the URL for the menu. It must only contain lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens.

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