Change a User's Role

When you first receive your BrownSite, only the Site Owner has the ability to access and edit the site. The Site Owner must grant privileges to all other users who need to have access to the site. Individual users can have more than one role. For example, the Site Owner can grant herself Editing and Theme Administration privileges, and can assign Theme Administration privileges to an additional user.

Who can distribute roles?

Only a Site Owner can distribute roles to site users. 

How can I change roles assigned to individual users?

  1. Get the Brown email address of the person whose role you are changing.
  2. Determine the role you would like to give this user.
  3. Log in as a Site Owner to your BrownSite.
  4. Click "Users" in the administrative menu along the top of the BrownSite.
  5. Find the email address in the list on the People page. The People page is broken down by first letter of the email address. 
    If you cannot find the user's email address in the list, have them access the login page to your BrownSite by appending "/user" to the BrownSite URL. They should then appear in the list.
  6. Click "edit" to the right of the email address.
  7. Check the boxes under "Roles" to assign and/or remove roles to the user.
  8. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.
  9. Find the email address in the list on the People page again, and review the person's roles.

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