Browsers Compatible with Cognos Analytics 11.0.13

For the best user experience, IBM recommends Chrome or Firefox with Cognos Analytics. Browsers not listed here, such as Firefox Quantum, Safari, and Edge are not supported.

Browser VersionFunctionality not supportedKnown issues
Chrome latest release and future fix packs

Use Firefox ESR or Internet Explorer instead for:

  • Analysis Studio (cubes)
  • Event Studio
  • Query Studio
  • Drill Through Definitions (editing)

Firefox ESR



Internet Explorer

11 and future fix packs


Enable Popups

Browsers treat Excel report formats (and PDF if it opens outside the browser) as pop-ups. Add (and any other Cognos Analytics environment you use) as an exception to your pop-up blocker settings. 

Learn More About Software Supported by Cognos Analytics

Visit the IBM website to read more about what Cognos Analytics supports (click the Supported Software tab).

Please keep in mind this wiki page may differ from the IBM website as a result of our experience and testing browser versions with our Cognos Analytics configuration.

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