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Browsers Compatible with Cognos 10.2.2

Cognos is a browser-based application that is compatible with the following browsers.



Unsupported Applications

Reports In PDF Output (Adobe Reader XI supported)

Internet Explorer

Versions 8, 9, 10*, or 11*
(32-bit only) 

*Must enable compatibility view for


No issues or configuration needed.

Firefox ESR

38 and future fix packs


PC users: If you use drill through reports in PDF format, configure Firefox to use the Adobe PDF plug in.  

Mac users: The Adobe PDF plugin does not work in Firefox. Use the Firefox built in reader instead. If you use drill through reports, run them to HTML instead.


41 and future versions, releases and fix packs

  • Analysis Studio (cubes)
  • Cognos Office Connection
  • Event Studio
  • Query Studio

Need to view report output in PDF format?
Chrome and Adobe Reader are not compatible. Use the built-in PDF reader instead.

Use PDF drill through reports?
If you use drill through reports, run them to HTML instead.
Alternatively, PC users can use Internet Explorer or Firefox—both are compatible with the Adobe PDF plug in.

Enable Pop-ups Blockers for Cognos

Browsers treat Excel report formats as pop-ups. For this reason, add (and any other Cognos environment you use) as an exception to your pop-up blocker settings. 

Learn More About Software Supported by Cognos

Visit the IBM website to read more about what Cognos supports (select Maintenance Level, and then click the Supported Software tab).

Please keep in mind this wiki page may differ from the IBM website as a result of our experience and testing browser versions with our Cognos configuration.

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