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How do I submit a new event to the public Brown calendar?

Go to

Enter the event information as instructed here.

How do I submit a new event to a departmental/group calendar?

Only department calendar administrators can add events to their departmental calendar. So, if you are not the administrator for a particular calendar, but you want your event to appear on their calendar, you can do one of two things:

  1. Send your event information to the departmental calendar administrator via email or paper and ask them to enter the event into their departmental calendar
  2. Enter the event yourself for the public Brown calendar, and then contact the department calendar administrator and ask them to add the event to their department calendar.

What types of events are appropriate for the events calendar?

Events entered on the calendar will be displayed to the general campus community, as well as accessible by the general public, so it's best to only enter events that you are comfortable sharing with a wide audience. See more about calendar policies.

What if my event is for the brown community only?

The intended audience for the Brown events calendar is the Brown community. However, members of the general public will be able to view and search the calendar. If your event is only open for the campus community, please indicate this by checking the appropriate category when you submit the event.

How do I include an event in Featured Events?

If your event is open to the public and able to accommodate at least 200 people, it may be eligible for Featured Events. See the guidelines for Featured Events.

How do I include an event on the Brown home page?

Send information including name and description of the event, URL, and images (graphics files in JPG or PNG format) to Events will be evaluated based on a number of factors including interest to a wide general audience (not just campus audiences), timeliness, and other pending requests.

Can I list co-sponsors for my event?

Yes.  When the event is entered, the calendar administrator can select from a list of available groups to co-sponsor the event.  When users view any of the co-sponsoring groups' events in the calendar, the event will appear.  The event will also be available in XML feeds for each of the co-sponsoring groups.  If the co-sponsoring group is not in the list of calendar groups, you can list the co-sponsoring group in your event's description and contact the calendar administrator at [address] if you would like the group to be created in the calendar.

What events display on various Brown websites?

  • gateway/current-students: "Clubs and Organizations"
  • gateway/faculty: "Faculty"
  • gateway/staff: "Staff"
  • gateway/families: "University Dates"
  • gateway/friends-and-neighbors: "Open to the Public"
  • about: "University Dates"
  • academics: Currently "Lectures", "Conferences", "Panel Discussions", "Brown Bag Lunch"; would prefer the parent "Lectures, Conferences, and Meetings"
  • admission: "Admission"
  • research: Currently "Lectures", "Conferences", "Panel Discussions", "Brown Bag Lunch"; would prefer the parent "Lectures, Conferences, and Meetings"
  • campus-life: "Arts" and "Other Events" and "Clubs and Organizations" and "Athletics"
  • a-to-z: "University Dates"


Departmental Calendars

When I first login to the departmental admin calendar, I don't see my contacts or locations.

Next to LOCATION and CONTACT, you will notice that there is a radio button that toggles between "preferred" and "all".
The first time you enter an event, you will need to check "all" to see all the contacts/locations. The next time you enter an event, the contact and location that you chose earlier will show up under "preferred". To select a new contact or location, click "all" again to see the whole list.

What does "public" and "private" mean?

There are two ways to view events. One is through the events web site; another is through feeds. A feed can be used, for example, to populate a page in your department web site.

A public event shows in both places. A private event shows only in the feed (ie, on your departmental web page).

Should I sign up for a department calendar?

Yes. Official events for your department should be submitted via the individual department suite. These are set up by request. It is impractical for the public calendar administrator to know which events (from the public queue) should be added to which departments. The best way to control this is for each department to add their events directly to their suite.

Workflow reasons: Having your own departmental calendar allows you to control the events that are associated with your department more closely. As a departmental calendar admin, you can add and edit (but not delete*) events in your calendar at any time.

Technical reasons: Having a department calendar allows you to display your departmental events in your department web site. Another reason might be to provide a filter to separate out your departmental submissions from the other items in the public calendar. This would allow people to view just your items in the public calendar, or create a feed of just your items for their external calendar (google calendar, outlook, etc)

How do I request a  calendar for my department/group?

At this time, we recommend that all academic departments request a calendar, and not use the public submission. Please submit the calendar request form. You will be asked to supply information including the name of a calendar administrator for the department/group. This person would be responsible for submitting and approving events for the departmental calendar.

Note that you can submit individual items to the public calendar without actually creating a calendar for your group. This is recommended for small groups which do not have a lot of events. Use the link called "Add your Event". Events submitted through this link should be nondepartmental.

How do I add or remove users from my departmental calendar?

You can make this request by sending email to: Please send us the "short ID" of the person you are adding.

What groups are eligible to request a calendar?

Any recognized entity at Brown may request a calendar: departments, Institutes, Programs, student groups, and more. It is recommended that every academic department should request a calendar, and not use the public submission.

The calendar may include official departmental events, or it may include some other kind of events (for example, a calendar of holidays or astronomical events). If one entity wants to display multiple calendars, that can be accomplished best by having multiple categories in a single calendar suite.

Can I include my departmental calendar events on my own department web site?

Yes, you can use XML feeds to automatically populate a departmental calendar page. Follow the directions here. All submitted events will be findable via both the public calendar and your departmental web site. If you would like, contact PAUR or CIS to install the calendar code in your web site.

Once my departmental calendar is set up, does PAUR need to approve my events?

If you have a departmental calendar ("Department calendar login" link), the departmental calendar administrator is responsible for submitting and approving events. PAUR does not approve events submitted through the departmental calendar, only events submitted to the public calendar ("Add Your Event" link).

Can other people submit events to my departmental calendar?

The simple model is: Only departmental calendar administrators can submit and approve events for the departmental calendar. A department can have multiple administrators.

However, there is a workaround. All departmental admins have access to the PENDING EVENTS queue. The PENDING EVENTS are those events submitted through the public submission client. Since anyone with a Brown ID can submit through the public submission client, you can scan the events in the PENDING EVENTS queue to find events tagged for your department. However, you should make PAUR ( aware that you want to approve events with your category.

How do we handle events which are sponsored by multiple departments?

For events which are sponsored by multiple departments, in which those departments want the event to show on their calendar, one person should enter the event onto their departmental calendar, and add the appropriate tags for the other departments. If you do not see the tags you need, contact to have the tags exposed to you.

Someone else entered an event, and I'd like it to appear on my claendar

Login using the "Department Calendar Login". Search for the event by name. Edit the event, and add your tag to the event.

I have events I wish to publicize to my department via my departmental web site, but not expose on the university calendar

Mark these events as "private", and they will not show on the public calendar at but will display on your departmental web site.


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