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Adding PAWPrints to OSX (Apple Macs)

Manual Instructions for adding PAWPrints to MACs

If you're looking to print standard file types (i.e. Office Documents, PDFs, Images, Text), then you can use the web portal to upload your documents at These instructions are for those who print out documents that the portal does not support; only available with black & white (grayscale) printing.


  1. Open System Preferences: Click on the Apple symbol on the top left-hand corner then click System Preferences...



  2. Open Printers & Scanners by clicking on the icon.


  3. Click on the “+” (plus) sign to add the printer.


  4. You may have to additionally click on Add Printer...


  5. If you don’t already have the Advanced icon on your toolbar, right-click--or two-finger click--on an empty space in the Toolbar and click on Customize Toolbar...


  6. Drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar.


  7. Click on the Advanced icon and let it finish “Searching for printers”. Then add a printer using the settings listed below.

    The url should read:


  8. Then click Add



  9. You have the option to turn on Duplexing at this time; it can be modified later within the printer’s settings. If ready, click OK.


  10. Upon printing for the first time, you will be prompted for credentials. Use you Brown credentials in the format shown below -- ad\username and current password

    To make things easier for yourself and to prevent any issues, you can select the “Remember this password in my keychain”


  11. Go to the release station to print out your job.


This is for printing documents in black and white (grayscale). There is currently no setup for PAWPrints Color as of now. These print jobs will only show up on the black and white release stations.

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