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Add Users to Your Site

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Who can add users?

Only persons with the Site Owner role can add users. Adding users is really no more than changing their role.

How to add users and assign roles:

  1. If you are adding a new user, ask them to log in to your site by going to your website and adding "/user" to the end of the URL. They will be asked to authenticate with their Brown credentials. This places them into the list of BrownSite users but does not give them permission to do anything in your site.  In order for them to create/edit content, you must now assign them a role.
  2. Now you, the Site Owner, must log into your site.
  3. Click on the black wrench located at the top left corner of your page. When the black Admin Menu appears, select Administer/User Management.
  4. Open the Manage Users page (shown below)
  5. Use the page links at the bottom of the page or the alphabetical sorting at the top of the page to find the login ID (Brown username prepended to "") of the user whose role you'd like to change. For example, Bobby here can be found under his login ID
  6. Click on the login ID ( of the user whose role you are changing to bring up their user page.
  7. Click the Edit tab in the content area of this page to bring up the list of roles. 
  8. Check the boxes of the roles which you would like this user to have. To see the various options and their descriptions, see: User Roles and Permission Levels
  9. Submit the Roles form. The page will refresh and show you a confirmation message.
  10. To repeat the process, use the convenient black administration panel to the left (or minimized to the top left corner) of your BrownSites page and follow the same steps with another user.
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