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Submit Your Event

If you have been given access to your departmental calendar, you should not use these instructions.

  1. First, check that your event meets the policies and guidelines.
  2. Next, go to Check that your event is not already listed in the calendar.
  3. Enter the submissions client, and in the top tabs click "Add Event". Add your information about the event as specified.
Event URL Include an Event URL if there exists a web page with detailed information about the event. Otherwise, leave blank.

Many locations are already in the calendar. Just scroll through the list to find your address. If your address is not resident in the calendar, you can suggest a new one. The ADDRESS usually contains the building name and room, and the subaddress would be the street address of the building, if it has one. The URL would be to the Facilities map of the building, if there is one. For example:

Address: Smith Buonanno Room 206. No subaddress needed.
Address: Nightingale-Brown House. Subaddress: 357 Benefit Street.

Some locations are listed as the name of a building, others as an address or the name of a department that is based out of a certain building. Try a few options before submitting your own location.

List the organization name and official contact phone and email of the group, if applicable. Use the departmental email address and telephone, not those of an individual. This information will be displayed with the event. Format for telephone numbers: Please use 3-xxxx for on-campus phone numbers.
Topical Areas

This allows you to classify your event to make it easier for people to find it. For example, people might be looking for Films or Open Houses. Check the categories that make the most sense to you. NOTE: some topical areas supply important information about your event. For example, be sure to checkFor the Brown Community Only or Hide from Public Calendar if those attributes apply to your event. Note that checking these will not make your event un-findable by the public.

If you are not sure, you can leave these blank, and the Calendar Administrator will choose for you.

It is not necessary to check FreshmanSophomoreJunior, and Senior if your event is open to all undergraduates. Those topical areas should be used only if a certain event is open to only a specific group (e.g. a Freshman orientation, a CDC event for Juniors).

Your Email Address and Notes Please enter your email address and any notes to the calendar administrator. These will not be displayed with the event.

Update Your Event

The answer varies depending on whether PAUR has approved your event or not. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the calendar at:
  2. In the top tabs, click on the tab called "My Pending Events"
  3. See if your event is there. If your event is there, you can edit it with the new information.
  4. If the event is not there, you can submit an event change form.

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