Add a Page to the Site Hierarchy Without Adding a Menu Item

Sometimes a page might fit naturally into your site's navigation hierarchy, but you don't want it to appear on the menu. You can configure the menu to show related pages when this unlisted page is open, even if you don't want the page to appear on the menu.

For example, you can keep your "Frankfurt Program" page out of your site navigation, but still display the expanded menu items under "Study Abroad", including "European Programs", on the "Frankfurt Program" page.

  1. Log in.
  2. Add a menu item as if you wanted the page to appear in the menu, putting the page in its appropriate spot in your website's hierarchy.
  3. Under "Administrator's Tools," click "Manage Menus."
  4. Under "Site Building," click "Menus."
  5. From the list of your site's menus, select "Site Navigation."
  6. Find your newly added menu item and uncheck its "Enabled" checkbox.
  7. Click "Save Configuration."

Now, when users reach your page, its menu parents will expand in the navigation, but your page will not have the unchecked menu item within the navigation.

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