Add a Page to the Navigation

You can change the menu settings for a page or article item in your site through the "Menu settings" portion of the 'Edit' pane for that item. From here, you can choose to insert a link to your item into the main menu navigation of your site. You can control the title of the link for the item and select where you want to insert the link within the hierarchy of the navigation. Follow the steps outlined below for directions on how to add the item to the main menu.

  1. At the bottom of the 'Edit' pane, find the "Menu Settings" area. Click on the "Menu Settings" tab if it is not already displayed.
  2. Check the "Provide a menu link' box.
  3. Enter a "Menu Title" to be the text that will link to the new page.
  4. Choose a "Parent Item." This will select where the menu link gets inserted into the main menu's navigation hierarchy.To add the item to the main menu, be sure to select the 'Main menu' as the parent item. 
  5. Ignore "Weight."

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