Access Department File Services from the Web


  1. Launch a web browser (such as Firefox or Chrome) and visit the address
  2. Log in with your username in this format ad\username (e.g., ad\jcarberr).

Navigating to Other Folders

  • View folder contents by double clicking on the folder you wish to open, or click on the “Actions” button in the toolbar and select “Open.”
  • Navigate to a parent folder by selecting the “up” button next to the Address bar.

Working with Your Files

  • Since Fileway does not have a “drag and drop” feature, you must use the “upload” and “download” buttons in the toolbar to save and retrieve files.
  • You may also create a new folder with the “create folder” button in the toolbar.
  • You may tailor your viewing options and other preferences using various buttons on the toolbar. 
  • Toolbar buttons also permit you to view a document securely or play a media file.

Logging Off

When you have finished using Fileway, you may select the “key” image in the toolbar to logoff.

Note for Xfer Users

Click on the "Address" drop-down arrow.Select "xfer" from the drop-down list.An xfer$ share appears in your browser windowDouble-click on the xfer$ share and navigate to folders and sub-folders.

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