Use the Digital Signage Desktop Application

As discussed below, the desktop application is only for some specialized functionality. You can read the next section to understand if you need to use it.

Why would you need this application?

Most functionality in the digital signage system (like uploading and scheduling content) can be completed on the web by visiting However, certain functions require the use of an installed application instead. These functions include:

  • Creating and editing sign layouts - upload background images and resize playlist areas
  • Displaying a web page on your sign (Web Page Bulletin) - Display all or part of a web page on your screen
  • Creating and managing the appearance of tickers
  • Freeform tool - AxisTV slide layout tool (not recommended, not needed if you simply create slides in PowerPoint and save as images)
  • Template Design - allows you to create a template that a content administrator or creator could then just add text to.  For example, you could create a 'Welcome' template with specific fonts, background image, layouts, etc  and another user just adds the name of the person being welcomed.

On a Windows Computer

On Windows, you can install the application directly on your computer. Here's how:

  1. Visit and log in
  2. Click System Tools on the top menu
  3. Click the Install Axis TV icon
  4. From the list of installs, choose Axis TV Utilities 
  5. Follow the installation prompts. When you are prompted to provide the web address of the AxisTV content manager, type
  6. You may see an error message but you can click through and ignore it.

On a Mac Computer

Since Axis TV Utilities is not available to install on a Mac, CIS has set up "remote app" access. This lets you use the app virtually.

  1. Install and configure the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application on your Mac as described in our article How How to Connect to Brown's RemoteApp Service via Mac OS X
  2. As long as you already have access to Axis TV, the software will appear in your list of available apps as shown below.
  3. When you are prompted to provide the web address of the AxisTV content manager, type
  4. You may see an error message but you can click through and ignore it ("Continue") in order to use the tool.

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