Respondus LockDown Browser Student QuickStart Guide

Recommendations for taking a Canvas quiz or exam with LockDown Browser

Testing your system set-up:

  • If you have LockDown Browser on your own computer, find the program and launch it. If you are using a lab or loaner computer, search for Respondus LockDown under programs and launch the browser; you may also have to install the software. Do NOT launch the application named Respondus only, there is a program by that name but it is not LockDown Browser.

  • Take a practice exam. Your instructor will be encouraged to provide the class with a practice exam to make sure your system is configured to work with LockDown Browser.

    1. Launch LockDown Browser

    2. Log in to Canvas, navigate to your course, and the practice exam

    3. Type in the password to unlock the exam (if applicable).

    4. Best Practices:

      • Avoid formatting text; don’t use Bold, Italics, or other formatting whenever possible.

      • If the window freezes or scrolls to top, do not hit the reload button for 30 seconds. A red disconnect communication should appear and the window should reload on its own.

      • If an additional browser window opens inside the LockDown Browser when you use the reload button, you must close the Browser and restart. Nothing that you type inside the additional window will be saved.

      • If you have completed the practice quiz with no issues, Do NOT update any programs or the OS on your computer until after you’ve finished the final exam or quiz.

    5. If you have problems completing the practice quiz, notify your instructor.


Taking the class exam:

  • Follow the same instructions for the practice exam and any additional instructions your instructor has provided.

  • Remember to avoid formatting text and reloading the page if the window freezes.

  • If you cannot quickly resolve the issue, ask the proctor, TA or instructor to help you move to another computer.


Additional Quickstart Guide (PDF)

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