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Request iClickers for Your Course

1. Visit

2. Use the Log in in the left navigation. If prompted, enter your Brown username and password. You should then see this:

3. You should then see the courses for which you are the "Instructor of record" in the left navigation.  Select the course for which you want to make a request to use iclickers for your class.

4. You will then see a new page with two tabs.  Select the "Tools & Services" tab.  Click on the link for iclickers, then select the "Request iClickers" link in the grey box:

5. You will see a confirmation at the top of the page that the request has been successful and that an e-mail was sent to  Within 24 hours, you will be contacted by an instructional designer or instructional technologist for a follow-up to your request.

6. Instructors can download Brown's iclicker 7 software from these links:
Do not download the iclicker software directly from the iclicker website. The files will not properly sync with Canvas.  
Mac version ***If you are using Sierra as your operating system, please contact us:***
Windows version

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