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Report output appears instead of prompt page in Cognos Analytics

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2 Reasons Report Output Appears Instead of a Prompt Page

When you click a report name (expecting to run it) and report output appears instead of a prompt page, this could be one of two reasons.

  • The report doesn't have a prompt page and runs when you click the report name using built in filters.
     (Most reports have prompts, but some reports do not have any at all.)
  • The Default Portal Action is set to show you the most recent saved version. 

Default Portal Action

The Default Portal Action is a report property setting that specifies what happen when you click the report name. It can have any of the following values.

  • View most recent report—If there is a saved output version(s), this will display the most recent saved version. If there are no saved versions, you will be prompted to run the report.
  • Run the report—The is usually the default, which typically displays a prompt page*, and then you can choose your data values to run the report.
  • Edit report—If you have author privileges to the folder where the report is located, this will open the report in the authoring tool.

View (and Modify) the Default Portal Action

You can view (and modify if you have save permission to the report's folder) the Default Portal Action in the report Properties, on the Report tab, under Advanced

Use "Run as" to Run the Report

You can still run a report when the Default Portal Action is set to View most recent report by using Run as.

From the ... (More) button, select Run as.

View Versions

Saved output is a previous run of the report that was saved to the Cognos Analytics content store when:

  • Save was selected as the delivery method for a background run (like a schedule or subscription)
  • After running a report to the screen, from the Save icon, you click Save report like in the image below.

The clip below shows how to View Versions (hint: it's available on the ... button).

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