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Phone System Upgrade


In 2016 we started installing a new, network-based phone system. In addition to receiving a desk phone, you will soon be able to use an app called Jabber to conduct secure, fully-encrypted conversations using your Brown telephone number from your smartphone, tablet, or computer over any internet connection.

How to Use your Phone

Upgrade Schedule & Progress

As we schedule buildings for upgrade, they will be added to this list. Target dates are approximate.



Location Jabber available?
1 Davol Square Yes
3 Davol Square (CIS) Yes
70 Ship St. Yes
94 Waterman St. Yes
110 Elm St. Yes
121 South Main St. Yes
169 Angell St. Yes
233 Richmond St. Yes
295 Lloyd Ave. Yes
Benoni Cooke House Yes
BERT Building (85 Waterman St.) Yes
Brown Office Building Yes
Central Heat Plant Yes
Churchill House Yes
Grad Center E Yes
Hemisphere Yes
Hillel House Yes
Hoppin House Yes
Horace Mann House Yes
J Walter Wilson Yes
Lippitt/96 Waterman Yes
Meehan Auditorium  Yes
New Pembroke 4 Yes
Nicholson House Yes
Pizzitola Yes
Partridge Hall Yes
Peter Green Yes
Sharpe House Yes
Sidney E Frank Hall for Life Sciences Yes
University Hall Yes
Watson Institute Yes



Location Target Date
BioMed ACF September 2017
BioMed Center September 2017
BioMed Grimshaw September 2017
JCB Library September 2017
Lyman Hall September 2017
26 Benevolent St September 2017
Shirley Miller House September 2017
UEL/135 Angell St September 2017
70 Waterman St September 2017


Other buildings: We will notify and work with your department to schedule your upgrade.


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