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The initial installation of the Webform module requires the assistence of WebServices.  If you're interested in adding a Webform, contact

What Control Do I Have with the Webform Module?

The Webform module enables the creation of forms and questionnaires in a single place on a page. This page demonstrates how the Webform Module cycles collects answers.

Creating a webform

  1. In the "Create Content" menu, click on "Webform" 

  1. Give the webform a title in the Title field. 
  2. Give the webform an introductory paragraph in the Body field, if desired. 
  3. Save the webform.  You are creating a page upon which the form will live.

Editing a webform

Now that the page is created,  click its Edit tab.

You will now see additional tabs at the top of your content area. Click the Webform tab. The webform component table will now be displayed. 

To add a new component to the webform, type in the component name in the "New component name" box and select the component Type. 

Common component Types are as follows: 

  • Date - ask for a date input
  • Email - ask for an email address
  • File - ask for a file upload
  • Select options - i.e. radio buttons or checkboxes 
  • Textarea - for large text inputs (i.e. paragraphs)
  • Textfield - for small text inputs (i.e. words)

Additionally, responses to a component can be made mandatory by checking the "Mandatory" checkbox.

To change the ordering of different components, simply drag them up or down by clicking on the Move icon to the left of each component.

Under the section "Form Settings" exist the options to do the following: 

  • Edit / display confirmation message
  • Redirect survey-taker to a separate confirmation page
  •  Limit total number of submissions
  • Select types of users who can respond to webform

Email confirmation setup

  1. Click on the "E-mails" section underneath the Webform tab.

  1. Enter the email address of the individual / department that should receive all form submissions. Click "Add". 
  2. The confirmation email subject, from address, and from name can be edited as seen fit. 
  3. To change the format of the confirmation email, edit the Email Template. 
  4. For more complex email setups, please contact

Result collection

Under the "Results" tab exist the following sections: 

  • Submissions - view all submitted results to the webform
  • Analysis - view basic statistical information for each webform component
  • Table - view submissions in a table format
  • Download - download submission results in a .CSV or .XLS file (** there is also the option to download specific components / submissions only)
  • Clear - clear all results

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