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iClickers are handheld response devices that allow polling and question-and-answer sessions in the classroom. The handheld device transmits student responses to a receiver attached to an instructor's computer. The results can be displayed to the class or kept private. iClickers can be used with or without presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote. 

Instructors can download Brown's iclicker 7 software from these links:
Do not download the iclicker software directly from the iclicker website. The files will not properly sync with Canvas.  

Mac version ***If you are using Sierra as your operating system, please contact us:***
Windows version


iClickers can significantly change the way instructors and students interact.   iClickers enable instructors to:

  • Assess aspects of students' learning in real time
  • Engage students by providing opportunities to participate
  • Provide immediate feedback to students
  • Take class attendance


Getting Started

Faculty should request iclickers using at least two weeks before the course start date. You will be contacted to set up a consultation.


Learn more about requesting iclickers.

Information for Students

What should students know about using this service?

Where Can Students Get an iclicker?

NOTE: Students will be able to check out an iclicker free of charge from the Service Center in the CIT, on the first floor. Students can use one iclicker in multiple classes, so there is no need to obtain multiple clickers.

iClickers are used for one semester at a time and should be returned to the Service Center at the end of the semester. If there are problems with the iClicker, students should return it to the Service Center to obtain a new iclicker. If batteries are no longer functioning, students may be able to obtain new batteries from the Service Center as well.

Register your iclicker

Once students have their iclicker, they need to register them in their Canvas course. Follow these instructions on how to register your iclicker.


Technical Requirements

iClicker Equipment:

The kit includes a blue “Instructor” clicker, receiver base and a USB cable which can be obtained from ITG.

Downloading the iclicker software

To use iClickers in a course, instructors must download and install the iClicker software package. This software is available to download; find the  the Mac version here& the Windows version here.  We currently support the latest version of iClicker software (v7).

The iClicker v7 software allows instructors to set defaults for the Course Name, scoring, registering the instructor clicker, synch student rosters, send scores to Canvas, and see results for each session.  

View these instructions to set up the iClicker software and add your student roster from Canvas to the iclicker software.



Where do I request this service?


Where can I go to learn more about this service?



Who should I contact if I need support?


  • Contact for more information and support.
  • Contact the Service Center 

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