IT Service Center Loaner equipment: Zoom H4n

Supplied Equipment


(1) One Zoom H4n Handy Recorder

(1) One USB Cable

(1) One AC Adapter

(1) One SD Card

(1) One Microphone Windscreen (optional)

(1) One Remote Control (optional)

(1) One Mic Stand (optional)

Part Names and Functions


Preparing to record


Recording Mode

The current recording mode is indicated on the Front Panel and we recommend that it be set to Stereo. To change the mode, press [MENU] and use the dial to scroll to “Mode.” Press the dial to choose between “Stereo,” “4CH,” and “MTR.”


Recording Format and Bitrate

To set the recording format, press the 4 button under [WAV/MP3] on the front panel of the recorder.  For podcasts and other audio-only recording we would recommend setting the sampling rate to WAV44.1 kHZ. You can choose between a bit depth of 16 and 24.



You can set the stereo input source to either MIC or Input [1] [2]. The H4n's built-in stereo X/Y microphone provides two matched unidirectional microphones set at a 90 degree angle relative to one another, optimum for most stereo recording applications.

External audio sources can also be connected using the input jacks on the bottom of the recorder. Press REC LEVEL to adjust the input levels.

How to record


  1. [Recording Standby]: Pressing the [REC] button once puts the recorder in standby mode, and the red light around the [REC] button will flash. In this mode you can select the input and adjust the recording levels.

  2. [Recording Start]: Press the [REC] button a second time to begin recording. The numbers on the timestamp will begin to rotate and the red light around the [REC] button will turn on. You can place markers in your recording by pressing the [REC] button during recording.

  3. [Recording Finish]: To stop recording, press the [STOP] button. The counter will turn back to zero.


How to play audio back


Immediately after recording, you can playback the file by pressing the [PLAY/PAUSE] button. To play a specific file back, go press [MENU] and select “File.” Use the dial to select the file you want and press “Select.” To start playback, press the [PLAY/PAUSE] button.



How to transfer audio files to a computer

Connect the recorder to the computer using the supplied USB cable. The recorder will turn on and a “USB” menu will appear. To continue, press Storage and the  recorder will appear on your computer the same as a USB flash drive.



If you are using an audio editing software, you should be able to directly import from the recorder using the software's “import” functionality; otherwise, drag and drop the files to the desired location on the computer.

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