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iClicker Cloud for Instructors: Overview

What is iClicker Cloud?

iClicker Cloud is an in-class polling platform that allows students to answer poll questions from their smartphone or computer. Instructors can run the polls from any computer connected to the internet, and will not need to carry the iClicker hardware to class. 

Instructors can download the desktop polling software here. 


How it is different than iClicker Classic?

  1. Student no longer need to obtain and register clickers. They will answer polls from their smart phone or computer. 
  2. Instructors can ask a variety of questions types: multiple choice, short answer, numeric, and target. 
  3. Instructors can enable location-based attendance to ensure that students are in class. 
  4. Student data resides in the cloud. Instructors can access their iClicker course data from any computer, and students can see the points they've earned in real-time. 

Visit the iClicker website for full breakdown of differences between iClicker Cloud and iClicker Classic. 


How can I get Started?

We strongly recommend that instructors contact for a consultation. ITG staff will help instructors set up the software on their computer, create a Canvas assignment for student sign-up, and review best practices for in-class use.

Instructors can view our iClicker Cloud Instructor Setup Guide for further instructions. 


How do I connect iClicker Cloud to Canvas?

We recommend meeting with ITG staff to connect iClicker Cloud to Canvas. IClicker Cloud has posted these instructions for instructors who wish to get started on their own.  


How do students access iClicker Cloud?

First, instructors will need to create a Canvas Assignment for iClicker Cloud. Have your students follow these instructions: iClicker Cloud Student Instructions.


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