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iClicker Classic (Physical Remotes) for Instructors: User Guide


This article provides an overview of iclicker functionality that is relevant to most Brown users.

How do I start an iclicker session?

To start an iclicker session, open the iclicker software, select the correct course, and click “Start New Session”. This will open a small tool bar where you can start/stop polls and view poll results.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.27.50 AM.png 

How do I start a poll?

Once you’ve started a session, you can open a poll by clicking the green “play” button on the tool bar. At this time, Brown’s iclicker hardware only supports the multiple choice question type. You will need to ask the actual question to your class or present it in your lecture presentation. When you stop the poll, iclicker will save a screenshot of your desktop so that you can match poll responses to specific questions at a later time.

Using this tool bar, you can…
A - Close or end the session
B - Minimize and maximize the toolbar
C - Start/stop a poll
D - Select the question type
E - Show/hide the results chart
F - Display the Options menu


How do I select a correct answer?

To select the correct answer during a session, open the results chart. Click on the appropriate letter on the results chart. The letter will turn green, indicating that it has selected as the correct answer. The iclicker software will simultaneously take a screenshot of your desktop.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.29.18 AM.png
Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.29.32 AM.png


How do I use iclickers to track attendance?

While the iclicker software offers a “roll call” function, we recommend that instructors build attendance into poll scoring using “participation points”. To use participation points for attendance, go to the settings menu from the main iclicker window and select scoring. Set participation points to at least “1”.  You can then set the “earn requirement” to “at least one question”. This setting will give students 1 point for answering at least one question during a class session. This participation point serves as proof of their attendance.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.30.21 AM.png


How do points work?

The iclicker software offers two forms of points. Participation points are awarded to students for the entire session when they answers questions, regardless of right or wrong responses. Performance points are question specific. Depending on your preferences, students can earn points for responding and/or correct answers.

What happens to my session scores?

Session scores are saved in the iclicker software. You can view saved session scores by clicking on the “gradebook” button in the main iclicker window (this is discussed in-depth below). If you have synced scores with canvas, your scores will also be saved in Canvas.

NOTE: While you can change points and answers for specific session questions in the iclicker software, you cannot alter individual student scores. You can alter student scores in Canvas, but subsequent uploads from the iclicker software will override these changes.

How do I review session scores?

You can review your sessions via the iclicker gradebook. Click the blue “view” textat the top of each session column to open in depth information regarding a session. Each session question is associated with screenshots of your computer desktop at the time the you stop the poll. In this window, you can delete questions and change correct answers.

How should I sync my scores?

If you followed these instructions to set up your iclicker software with canvas, then syncing scores is simple. Enter the iclicker gradebook and click on the “sync scores” button. 


Need to find unregistered students?

Open the iClicker gradebook and select the "Students" icon.  A window will appear with two buttons:

  1. Unregistered clickers
  2. Unregistered students

Select Unregistered Students to view








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