iClicker Classic (Physical Remotes) for Instructors: Install and Setup Guide

IMPORTANT UPDATEFaculty planning to continue using iClicker Classic for Fall 2019, must contact Digital Learning & Design prior to semester start to obtain iClickers. Students will not be provided remotes through the IT Service Center. We recommend reaching out at least two weeks before the course start date. We will distribute the remaining inventory of iClickers based on demand. When this supply is depleted, we can consult on how to meet this need with your department moving forward.

Students can visit this article to learn more registering iClicker remotes.

This guide will help you:

1. Install the iClicker software
2. Synchronize your student roster with Canvas
3. Attach the iClicker base and test the instructor clicker
4. Enable iClicker Student Registration link in Canvas

Install the iClicker software

  1. Download the iClicker software:
    Do not download the iClicker software directly from the iClicker website. The files will not properly sync with Canvas.  
    Mac version ***If you are using Sierra or High Sierra as your operating system, please contact us: Digital Learning & Design***
    Windows version

  2. After downloading the software and extracting the zip file, open the folder  “Brown_iclicker_win7” or “Brown_iclicker_mac7” depending upon the platform chosen.  Open the folder and click on the iClicker application.

  3. New with this version is the option to register with iClicker.
    This is optional.
    Complete if you want or press the "Remind me later" button
  4. The first time using the iClicker software, press the “+Create” button.
    Add a course name and press "Create"
  5. Select the course and press the “Settings" button. 
  6. In the settings window, select the "General" tab.
  7. The course name should appear. Add the Instructor Remote ID in the corresponding entry field.  The ID is on the back of the blue iClicker.  If a blue iClicker is not available, any i>clicker can be used by entering its ID.  Proceed to the "Synchronize..." directions below or you can click the "Save" button on the bottom right of that window.


Synchronize your student roster with Canvas

You can now easily sync your student roster from Canvas in the iClicker software.

  1. From the iClicker  “Settings” window, click on the "Gradebook" tab. 
  2. Click the "Select Course" button. Use your Brown credentials to log in; click the blue "Authorize" button to allow iClicker to access your Canvas account.
  3. A list of your courses should appear in a new pop-up window. Select the course and click "Select" at the bottom of the window.
  4. Finally, click "Save" at the bottom of the settings window. **Note** You can ignore the warning for "

    Your course roster will not appear ...

    " since we address that in the next step.
  5. To download your student roster in iClicker, select “Sync Roster" icon at the top of the window. The software will download your student roster from canvas.
  6. Any students listed in red, have not registered their iClicker.


Attach the iClicker base and test the instructor clicker

Plug your iClicker base into the USB port on your computer. In the iClicker software, select the “Start New Session” button from the main screen.  The toolbar appears in the top left of the screen.  Turn the Instructor clicker on and test to see that it controls the polls:

A: Start/Stop
B: Show/Hide Graph
C: Advance PPT slide
D: Reverse PPT slide
E: If Poll is Open (and the timer is counting down), pressing the E button adds 20 seconds. Note: By default, polls "count up." “Counting down” must be chosen in the Settings > Toolbar option.  
     If Poll is Closed, E selects the correct answer. Pressing “E” scrolls through the five choices on the graph. The choice of which you remain will be highlighted as green. This will tell the software you’ve designated it as the correct answer.  Note:  You must display the graph in order to enable this functionality.

Enable iClicker Student Registration link in Canvas

Students can register their iclickers directly in your Canvas course. 

  1. From within Canvas, select the course you want to integrate with iClicker from the Courses menu.
  2. Click "Settings" on the bottom left of the course navigation menu.
  3. Select the "Navigation" tab on the top of the Settings page.
  4. Click and drag the gray iclicker link from the bottom section of tabs not visible on the student navigation sidebar to the top section of tabs visible to the student navigation sidebar. Note: Instructors should ignore the links when viewing the iclicker page on their canvas site.  
  5. Click Save.


For additional information please see the documentation or Digital Learning & Design.

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