Course Feedback instructor FAQs

 What if one of my courses is missing from the list of courses?

Certain courses are excluded from the course feedback system: Independent Studies, Directed Research, and courses with fewer than 5 students.  If you believe your course should be included, contact your Academic Department Manager to request this correction.

What if instructors need to be added or removed from the course?

While Instructors can edit TAs, only Academic Department Managers may update Instructors in EvaluationKit. Please contact your Academic Department Manager to make these changes.

Why aren’t my undergraduate TAs included in the course as TAs?

Undergraduate TAs (UTAs) perform a wide variety of roles in Brown undergraduate courses. It is the instructor’s decision whether to add UTAs as TAs  for a course in EvaluationKit. If added, students in the course will provide feedback for that UTA using the standard TA questions in the Brown University Course Feedback Form.  Review these questions to determine if they are appropriate for UTAs in your course.

Alternatively, departments or instructors can create custom question surveys with items focused on student experience with undergraduate TAs generally.

Why are my undergraduate TAs included in the course as TAs?

EvaluationKit populates the TAs for a course based on roles assigned in Canvas. Undergraduate TAs may be added through this feature. Instructors can add or remove TAs from their courses in EvaluationKit by using the “Manage Courses” view.  

My students (or some of my students) say they have not received any emails to provide  course feedback. What is going on?  

Ask the student(s) to check their spam folder to see if they have email(s)l from

Ask the student(s) to log in to EvaluationKit at using Brown’s Single Sign-On. Ask them to report back if they do not see your course among their course list.

If a student reports that they do not see the course, ask your department manager to verify in EvaluationKit that the student was enrolled in the course. If the student is not appearing in EvaluationKit, they should submit a ticket with the IT Service Center.

How do I direct my students to complete the survey?

Students will receive emails from with a personalized link to login directly. They can also access the course feedback system on Canvas and at using Brown’s Single Sign-On. Once they are logged in, they can select your course to provide course feedback.

When a student logs in to Canvas, they will also be presented with reminders about any outstanding course feedback forms for courses in which they are enrolled.

How can I view the survey my students will see?

Click “Custom Question Surveys” from the top horizontal menu, select the current course feedback “project” and then click on “View Main Survey for this Project.”

What is the best place to get instructions on adding custom questions?

Watch the “Video: Custom Questions for Administrators & Instructors” in the EvaluationKit Help Center. Access the Help Center by logging into EvaluationKit with your Brown credentials then  click  the “?” in the upper right hand corner of your screen, next to your name and select ‘Help Center’. The Help Center will open in a new browser tab. You will be presented with resources tailored to your role in EK.

If I mistakenly attach a custom question survey, how can I remove it?

Use the “Custom Question Survey” view to delete custom surveys or detach them from survey projects.

Who has access to results, when, and why would they use them?

Instructors, TAs, chairs, academic department managers, and senior administrators have access to relevant results 3 days after the feedback period ends. Users receive an email with a direct link to their results or can go to view their results.

Instructors can see data for their own courses, as well as student feedback on the TAs linked to the course, in the system. In the case of team-taught courses, instructors do not see student feedback on items specific to other instructors.

Chairs and Academic Department Managers can only see results for their department’s courses. Chairs can approve additional administrative staff to have access to support their reporting needs.

All close-ended items and comments are available to senior administrators, deans, academic directors, and chairs to allow for institution-wide evaluation and assessment of the student experience of teaching at Brown.

For TPAC reviews, departments will continue to generate the “TPAC Tabular Summary of Teaching” via Cognos.

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